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Meet our designer

  • Start off with a form

All you need to do is fill in a form to initiate the process of home renovation.

  •  Consult with our professionals for free

A set of professional interior designers will be assisting you.

Confirm Mateo Interiors

  • Seal the deal

Once you have made up your mind about choosing us for designing your home, we ask for an amount to seal the deal.

  • Confirm your design

It is now time to finalize the design that you want for your house.

Place your order

  • Commencement charges

Once you have made up your mind about choosing us for designing your home, we ask for an amount to seal the deal. 

  • Beginning of renovation

Just when you are done with the above-mentioned steps, it is now time for our professionals to begin the work.

You're half way there. Your orders are raised!

Implementation and Induction

  • Implementation charge

In this step, we place the orders of the accessories and materials that we would be required for designing your home. A minimal amount is set for this step to get into the final steps.

  • Installation 

It is the final step of our service. Our professionals get into action and turn your dream into reality.

Hurrah! Complete payment has been made!


It is the final stage of our work where we hand over a newly designed home to our clients.

  • Complete the documentation and final payments

Here in this step, we expect our clients to complete the remaining documentary tasks and also process the remaining payments.

  • Reign in your kingdom

The waiting period is over and it is time to hand over your property. We understand the excitement of our clients and therefore our final step is to let our clients step into their newly designed residence.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do you design a living room that has a space crunch?

While there is a space shortage in a living room, our professionals generally dissect the room into three sitting areas along with pieces of furniture to provide a complete look within the limited space. Light-color paints are added to the room as it makes the room look bigger.

2. Are there any consultation charges?

No, we do not have any charges for consulting us. We understand that clients may have queries regarding designing their home and thus we offer a free consultation.

3. What if a client wants something different from the designs that are available?

There is nothing to worry about if a client asks for more. We are compatible with customizing our designs for matching the criteria of our clients.

4. Are there chances that the cost of the project exceeds my budget?

Generally, we let our clients know the maximum budget for renovating their house, but there are cases where you may like to add on some additional accessories or features that may affect the cost.

5. What areas do you serve?

Currently, we are serving only in West Bengal and e are planning to extend our services across PAN India.

6. What are the requirements during our first meeting?

Generally carrying the photographs of your house will turn out to be useful. Photographs provide more detailed information about the renovations that can be done.

7. What is the time frame of your work?

Generally, it depends on the work that is needed to be done for designing your home. Even though we ensure the complete process is completed within our promised date.

8. How can I get details about the professional who will be working on my property?

While we appoint our professionals at your work, we provide complete information about them to our clients.

9. Do you work in small apartments?

Our services are never dependent on the size of the apartment. We work on any and every type of house and also ensure that our service provides a new and effective look to your property.

10. Does every other interior designers in Kolkata provide interior installment of furniture designs?

While there is a need of an interior design company in Kolkata, choosing Mateo Interiors Pvt Ltd is always the best option. It is due to their elite easy installment of furniture designs. They are masters in providing a polished home interior to their clients.