Mateo Interiors Pvt. Ltd.

Modern Designs for 4BHK in Kolkata

 This time we had the pleasure of working in a 4BHK apartment of Mr. S. Ganguly. He wanted his 4BHK apartment to have an elegant look and the result of our effort is portrayed above.

So many striking elements!
  • Property owner: Mr. S. Ganguly
  • Property location: Salt Lake, Sector-3, Bidhannagar, West Bengal 
  • Designing teams: Mr. Sayantan Mukherjee is the designing manager along with a team of experienced professionals (Anwesha, Rahul, Soumik)
  • Interior designing Services served by Mateo Interiors: Renovation of a 4Bhk flat in Kolkata including furniture, drawing room, living room, dining room, and bedrooms.
  • Drawing room

The owner of the apartment trusted us and let us choose the best design for his property. Therefore we started the process with the living room. Moreover, we have excluded the old shabby furniture and tv cabinet and replaced them with sofa sets a center table, and a pair of chairs. Along with it, we have placed a few decorative items to beautify the room. In short, we have focused on designing a spacious and classy room. 

  • Dining room

Mr. Das wanted the dining room to be spacious and also demanded a dining table that could include at least 6 members at a time. Thus, we removed the cutlery cabinet which took up a lot of space. A wooden dining table was included to add a classic look to the room.  To induce the premium look we have made a crockery-cum-bar cabinet for more space and the perfect combination.

  • Bedroom 

The color combination for the kitchen was chosen by the Mr. Ganguly (owner of the property). Thus keeping that in mind we moved further on arranging the rest of the room. We made sure that the room is colorful and had a positive vibe in it. Other than that we have added a touch of wooden furniture like cabinets for decoratives, a center table, an arm sofa, etc. a soothing and spacious view of the room was providing a calming effect to the bedroom. 

  • Mothers room 

Mr. Ganguly’s mom had some other demands while we were planning to renovate her room. As per her age, she wanted to get a calming effect in her room, where she can relax. Therefore we have added a floral background to her room along with a TV unit, wall storage, an armchair, a spacious bed, and a well-finished TV unit.  We made sure that the room has plenty of free areas and natural light in it. 

We are happy to convey to you that Mr. Ganguly was more than satisfied by the output we have provided.