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Home Interior Design Ideas

Every home is special for the one who lives in it. Just like every other thing our house also needs to be upgraded and updated to maintain its sublime form. And for these upgrades, there is always a need to hire professional interior designers. Yes, it is true that you can apply your designs to your room, but you can never expect to get the best interior designs. Do not worry, our quality of service remains the same regardless of the type of property we work on or the budget under which we are working. Are looking for 3BHK home designing, 2BHK home designing, bedroom interior ideas, pooja room design, or any other top interior designs for your home? all you need to do is get in touch with us through our website.

Living Room

The living room is the part of our house that gets the most exposure to the guest. Thus a well-designed living room will make your house have a magnificent look. For the best living room interior designing service, contact Mateo Interiors Pvt Ltd.

Modular Kitchen

The kitchen is considered to be one of the most important parts of the house. If you are facing issues like storage, space crunch, or any other issues in your kitchen, hire Mateo Interiors Pvt Ltd.

Master Bedroom

After a hectic day, the bedroom seems to be like paradise. Therefore to enhance the coziness and the comfort of your bedroom, it needs to get a professional touch-up from Mateo Interiors Pvt Ltd.



Wardrobes are the storage unit of our house. By hiring Mateo Interiors Pvt Ltd you can get the best wardrobe designs that match the surroundings of the room. We also ensure that the wardrobe that we design is sleek and has maximum storage capacity.

Kid's Bedroom

Now, let your kids get a room, that is especially fit for them. Mateo Interiors Pvt Ltd has interior designers who specialize in designing Kid’s bedrooms.

Pooja Room

The puja room is one of the most sacred parts of our homes. It is the place where the aged members of the family spent most of their time worshiping God for the prosperity and peace of the family. To get the best puja room interior designing services, contact Mateo Interiors Pvt Ltd.

Dining Room

Dining rooms are generally full of mess. Thus it is important that you hire Mateo Interiors Pvt Ltd to carry out the renovation work of your dining room.



The foyer of your house sets an image of your house to the visitors. Therefore it is important that you have a well-polished and designed foyer for your home.


The bathroom is an essential part of our house and to be honest it requires to be well designed for proper functioning. Hire Mateo Interiors Pvt Ltd for a well-designed bathroom.

Guest Bedroom

Indians have been always hospital towards their guests and therefore maintaining the look of the guest room is very important. To get the best-designed guest room contact Mateo Interior Pvt Ltd.

Home Office

Now conduct your official work from your home by choosing us to set up your location. We ensure that everything you need for your work is well synchronized and within your reach.

Reading Room

If your recreation is reading then it is quite obvious that you would require a special setup for reading. Mateo Interiors Pvt Ltd specializes in renovating rooms as per your demand.