Mateo Interiors Pvt. Ltd.

Warm Wooden Interiors

Wooden interiors can be a costly option, but when it comes to desires, there is no limit to it. Therefore in this project we have served our client with a warm wooden interior as per his demand. 

So many striking elements!
  • Property owner: Mrs. Pablo
  • Property location: Behala, West Bengal
  • Designing teams: Mr. Sayantan Mukherjee is the designing manager along with a team of experienced professionals (Pawan Chaturvedi, Aryan Khanna)
  • Interior designing Services served by Mateo Interiors: This project was a challenge for our professionals as we had to design in a limited space and also make sure we had a satisfied client. And finally, we were happy to provide warm wooden interiors to our client.

Our client Mrs. Pablo had a classy taste and therefore wanted a warm and wooden interior for her room. Thus the process of designing the interior of her room included,

  • The backdrop of the room had to have a wooden touch to it, for a warm look.
  • A wooden dining table and chairs for every member of the family were added to the room
  • A candle stand and decorative items were also included on the table for a better look. 
  • The sofa set was a must for the room to improve the sitting area and its comfort. 
  • A wooden table along with table lamps made the room have a royal look. 
  • A false ceiling with a wooden touch to it was involved to provide the exact look that our client needed. 
  • Our professionals added Wall hangings and beautiful lights to the room to make it look more spacious and elegant.