Mateo Interiors Pvt. Ltd.

3BHK With Soft Shades

Sophisticated people have a classy taste.  In the below-mentioned project, we met the demand of our client who asked for a soft-shaded interior for his property.

So many striking elements!
  • Property owner: Mr. P. Goswami
  • Property location: Behala, West Bengal
  • Designing teams: Mr. Sayantan Mukherjee is the designing manager along with a team of experienced professionals (Pawan Chaturvedi, Aryan Khanna)
  • Interior designing Services served by Mateo Interiors: Our client demanded a soft shade for his room and therefore we designed his room in a manner that would satisfy the needs of our client. 

We had worked on various types of projects earlier but this time our client asked for something unique. All he wanted was nothing but a sheer touch of elegance and class. Our professionals took up the task and crafted a master design for Mr. P.Goswami in his apartment in Behala. 

  • Wall paint had to have a sober look to it and thus we opted for tones of white on one side and a dark tone on the other will bring a sophisticated look to it.
  • Next, our design included a well-designed false ceiling as it would be a beauty booster for the room.
  • A wall wardrobe that includes a slot for the television and decorative was always a great option for replacing the old tv rack. 
  • The tiles of the room were matched with the wall to match the look of the room. 
  • To bring in Soft shades we have focused on placing a white sofa set, cabinet, and chairs in the room. 
  • Wooden furniture was included in the design to keep up the classy look of the room. 
  • We made sure that there is nothing useless in the room to make it spacious.
  • Some plant and flower vases were placed in the room.