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King Size Living Room

Living a lavish lifestyle is a choice and Mateo Interiors Pvt Ltd works on providing the coziest living to our clients.

So many striking elements!
  • Property owner: A. Sengupta
  • Property location: New Garia, West Bengal
  • Designing teams: Mr. Sayantan Mukherjee is the designing manager along with a team of experienced professionals (Pawan Chaturvedi, Aryan Khanna)
  • Interior designing Services served by Mateo Interiors: In this project, we ensure that we are literary up to the mark in creating a KING size living room

Mr. A. Sengpta reached out to us with the motive of adding a king-size living room in his apartment. When asked about his wishes and asks, he let us know about his idea of having a king-size living room. Therefore we started our work by designing a new setup for his living room. We started off our work by 

  • Changing the old rugged paint to new dual paint in his living room. 
  • Next, we moved on to eliminating the unused things like a shoe rack, a giant center table, and the sitting arrangement that occupied a lot of space. Instead, we added a classy sofa set and placed it at the center of the room for comfort to make it look spacious. 
  • Further, a pair of miniature center tables were added near the sofa set. 
  • A wall TV wardrobe was included in the room to enhance its beauty and storage capacity.  
  • We placed a small dining table and some chairs in a corner of the room. Wall paints also played a major role in our work.
  •  To provide a royal look to the living room we added mesmerizing lighting effects in the room. 
  • Lastly, some greenery and carpet were added to make sure the room has turned into King size living room.