Mateo Interiors Pvt. Ltd.

Modular Straight Kitchen

The kitchen is known as the heart of the home. Therefore to provide the best cooking experience to our clients Mateo Interiors Pvt Ltd designs the best modular kitchen for our clients.

So many striking elements!
  • Property owner: M. Majumdar
  • Property location: New Garia, West Bengal
  • Designing teams: Mr. Sayantan Mukherjee is the designing manager along with a team of experienced professionals (Pawan Chaturvedi, Aryan Khanna)
  • Interior designing Services served by Mateo Interiors: We designed a modular kitchen making sure that our client Mrs. Majumdar got the exact look of her kitchen. 

This time we had to work in a kitchen. Yes, Mrs. Majumdar, a resident of Newtown wants us to design the kitchen of her new apartment. She was looking for a modular kitchen on her property and therefore contacted us for the task, 

  • We crafted the design keeping in mind that the kitchen must have adequate space and also has proper storage sections. Thus we added wall racks as a storage device for crockery. 
  • Next, we added a cabinets cabinet along with the cooking area on top of it to make sure that everything you need while cooking is well within your reach. 
  • The refrigerator was placed in the corner to allow more space in the kitchen.
  • The sink needed to be just by the cooking area just for enhanced convenience.
  • Greenery was added to make the kitchen look beautiful.