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Rest Room & Plumbing System

You will never know how elegant your home can be until you get the perfect craftsmen for it. Peep into our website to get the best designs, specially cultivated for the interior of your home.

Rest Room & Plumbing System

A well-set restroom is always essential and therefore Mateo Interior Pvt Ltd focuses on treating the restroom as well as the other parts of the property. Hence to provide the best look for a restroom, we include the following designs into it,

  • Contemporary 
  • Rustic 


An improper plumbing system can be the sole reason for a lot of chaos. Moreover, a well-designed house with an insufficient plumbing system can cause harassment. Thus professionals at Mateo Interior Pvt Ltd have crafted the following plumbing systems to get rid of waste and have a proper sanitary system in a property,

  • Potable water
  • Sanitary drainage
  • Storm water drainage